Athlon car lease

customer care App


Athlon, part of the Mercedes Benz Mobility group, operates in 20 countries and offers modern, customizable mobility solutions. For this project, I collaborated with the Italian division to redesign and rebuild the brand’s entire customer care application from the ground up.


Ux Designer
Ui Designer
Art Direction


The project began with an extensive UX research phase. This allowed us to identify various personas, analyze stakeholders, and map out the appropriate customer journeys for each type of client.
Drawing inspiration from the then-trending concepts of bots and artificial intelligence, I designed an interface that mimicked a genuine digital assistant, poised to assist users with their every need. The application still boasts a wide range of features today, from locating tire shops and repair services to providing roadside assistance in emergencies.
Given that the app caters to a variety of users (from fleet managers to drivers), it offers different interfaces depending on the type of user accessing it. This ensures that the most relevant services are highlighted and easily accessible for each user category.