blockchain luxury platform


Blockchasing was a B2B/B2C platform tailored for the fashion and luxury sectors. Leveraging NFT technology, brands could trace and authenticate the entire development and creation process of a luxury item. This ensured end customers could be confident about the origin and authenticity of their purchase.


Ux Designer
Ui Designer
Brand Identity and Logo Design


I was fortunate enough to work with NFTs when they were still in their infancy and few knew about them.

At the time, Blockchasing was a spin-off from a tech-focused startup. The project comprised a B2B desktop platform to certify stages during the production process and a B2C app for reading the NFT associated with the item. The aim was to design a platform that was user-friendly and straightforward, even though the technology was relatively unknown at the time.
At the same time, its visual identity needed to resonate with the notions of luxury and value.