Imagine a portal where folks dive deep into the very heart of a region via its iconic foods and products. A digital compass, if you will, pinpointing the finest Italy can offer. Why? Because Italy isn’t just a country; it’s a palette of flavors to uncover, landscapes to taste, and age-old traditions handed down.


Ux and Product Designer
Ui Designer
Brand Identity


Foodetector was among the first startups I had the privilege of assisting. This venture introduced me to the dynamic world of incubators and accelerators—a domain I’ve since remained deeply immersed in. The two co-founders, incredibly talented in their right, needed clarity in visualizing their product. I joined the fray in the product design domain, helping them set priorities, define releases, and plan steps ahead. Operating in an Agile environment, we first mapped out milestones via a series of interviews, then rolled out functional wireframes, eventually delving into the intricate design specifics. I teamed up with developers, striving to devise creative yet budget-friendly and straightforward solutions.
Our efforts spanned multiple platforms, devising a B2B solution for vendors and a B2C interface for end-users, always keen on maximizing available technologies. This approach culminated in an adaptive platform, tailoring its interface based on the device accessing it. The outcome? A working beta that enabled users to effortlessly discover and delve into a quintessential Italian product within a specific geographical zone, get insights, and pinpoint the best places to purchase it.