proximity platform


Hooney was one of the pioneer proximity platforms to emerge in Italy, leveraging iBeacon technology to deliver digital content and information within a specific physical space.


Product and service design
User research
UX and user interface design
Brand identity and logo design
Art direction for both above and below the line marketing


Hooney is perhaps the most comprehensive project I’ve tackled in terms of the variety of materials and expertise involved. It required significant product service work, outlining the B2B platform’s functionalities, flows, user experience, and interaction with the B2C app. The real challenge was navigating in the “dark,” without a clear picture of the end user. It’s possibly the project where I’ve mapped out the most customer journeys and personas.

On the flip side, I crafted the entire visual identity for the product, both above and below the line. This ranged from brand identity and color selection to designing the logo, brochures, platform user manuals, and introductory videos.

I don’t like to label myself a “one-man band” because I truly believe in the power of teamwork and the blend of skills. However, in this case, I feel I’ve managed to shape an entire product in its full complexity, harnessing all the expertise I’ve gathered over these 15 years in the field.