In my role as an art director, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a vast array of enterprises, spanning well-established corporations, innovative startups, and businesses on the cusp of branching out.
On this page, you’ll find a showcase of logo designs where I took center stage.


Logos designer
Art director


On this page, you’ll discover a curated selection of logo designs that I’ve spearheaded. Some were crafted for startups aiming to infuse visual identity into their foundational ideas, while others served established brands seeking a redefined aesthetic. However, a consistent philosophy underpins all these designs. When conceptualizing, I strive to move beyond mere graphic representation. It’s about translating a foundational idea or concept into a design that not only possesses distinct positioning but also narrates a story. I firmly believe in the power of storytelling through design.
From an aesthetic standpoint, I value clarity, minimalism, and the artistry of negative space design.