virtual tour platform


Athlon, part of the Mercedes Benz Mobility group, operates in 20 different countries and offers modern, customizable mobility solutions. They cater to the needs of large corporations, small to medium-sized businesses, and professionals. For this project, I collaborated with the Italian division to redesign and rebuild the brand’s entire customer care application from the ground up.


Ux Designer
Ui Designer


I had the pleasure of collaborating with the team at for many years, assisting them in developing their platform for creating virtual tours. We worked hand-in-hand to ensure both the app and the desktop software were as user-friendly as possible. The product journey was split into two phases: the first involved on-site work in the locations to be photographed. Here, the app was crucial for shooting and accurately saving images. The second phase was desktop-centric. With just a few straightforward steps, the platform enabled users to construct their virtual tour. The user experience in this project was crafted, drawing inspiration from certain aspects of game design.